Enter the jungle

Welcome to EAPES.

Within the expansive Web3 cosmos, there exists a constellation where innovation, artistic expression, and a thriving NFT community intersect. This constellation is firmly rooted in the MultiversX network, and it goes by the name of EAPES.

Here, a unique world materializes, fusing decentralized finance with digital culture, inviting you to embark on an immersive journey through a robust decentralized application (dApp).

Stake NFTs, earn Rewards in EGLD, CYBER and Banana Points. Here, technology, creativity, and democratic governance coalesce, propelling EAPES as a beacon of progress in the Web3 space.

10.000 NFTs collection

on MVX blockchain

Top #1 project MVX

> 126,000 EGLD volume

> ATH 320 EGLD

Best Design Award

X-Day 2022 Paris

EAPES Key Features.

  • dApp: An innovative decentralized application launched on xPortal (MultiversX digital wallet and global payments app) which enables seamless interactions and transactions.
  • Staking: A platform for staking EAPES NFT and Island Relics NFT collections, offering regular MultiversX token rewards.
  • Banana Points System: Enhances user participation and loyalty through EAPES Banana Point rewards.
  • Community: Interactive map for real-time community engagement.
  • Governance Infrastructure: On-chain platform for transparent and democratic decisions.

EAPES NFT Project Achievements.

  • MultiversX Volume Leader: Over 126,000 EGLD in buy volume (not including swaps) which showcases financial strength.
  • MultiversX NFT Leader: Unique artwork has propelled EAPES to become the leading MultiversX NFT project in regards to unique wallets, total number of trades, all-time-high and ROI since mint.
  • Award Winner: Honored with X Day Awards for design and innovation.
  • DAO Wallet: More than 9400 EGLD, emphasizing the decentralized nature.
  • Social Presence: 26.4K followers on X (Twitter) and a 12.9K EAPES Club on Discord.

Where Technology, Artistry, and Community Converge.

EAPES transcends typical NFT projects, representing a blend of cutting-edge tech, aesthetic brilliance, and dynamic community engagement. It exemplifies an enriched, innovative user experience in the Web3 space.


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MultiversX: A New Dawn in the Digital Realm.

MultiversX is a beacon of innovation in the intersection of blockchain, AI, and metaverse technologies. It is an open-source, decentralized blockchain network designed for internet scale performance, boasting over 100,000 transactions per second, negligible cost, and a carbon-negative footprint.

The network's native digital currency, eGold, is positioned for global adoption, embodying built-in scarcity and a sustainable growth model.

MultiversX’s ecosystem is bolstered by strategic international partnerships, business development initiatives, and a dynamic community of developers and users. With a vision of bridging the gap between technology and mass adoption, it stands at the forefront of the next digital revolution.

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